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Following our introduction of Repeat Sales Regression (RSR) to the UK in 2005, we have gone onto create one of the UK’s most accurate and responsive automated valuation solutions. Now incorporating more data than ever before, our model is created alongside lenders and surveyors to be tailored to meet the industry’s needs.

Our proprietary Automated Valuation Model (AVM) provides a rapid and reliable means of valuing residential property portfolios of any size.

As part of our Lender Early Warning System™, we routinely identify areas of the country that are experiencing particular forms of property stress, for example concentrations of repossessions, rapidly falling house prices, or generalised macro-economic instability. These output flags can be applied on a property by property basis to portfolios to enable better decision making and risk management.

Our portfolio outputs can be used in a number of areas, including;

  • Surveyor or Panel performance auditing
  • Loan book risk assessment
  • Capital adequacy review
  • Basel II or RMBS applications

Benefit from:

  • Market beating accuracy – we consistently outperform all our competitors in mortgage lender led testing
  • Transparent confidence levels – our confidence levels are explicitly linked to forecast standard deviation – the most widely used predictor of usability of AVM results worldwide
  • Approved – by leading ratings agencies, Fitch Ratings™ and Standard & Poor’s™ – the UK's only ISO27001 & 9001 accredited provider of AVM's
  • Wealth of data – we draw upon data from a wide variety of sources, including: 20 million sold price records, 18 million estate agency listings records, over 2 million surveyor records and 3 million floor plans
  • A flexible approach – we work with both lenders and surveyors to incorporate lending rules into automated valuation systems to ensure that valuations are only used where they meet risk management criteria
  • Lender valuation transparency – establish accurate equity, and add:
    •  In recent mortgage lender testing, our AVMs have been either on a par with, or have in fact surpassed our competitors in terms of accuracy
    •  Our Automated valuations are influenced by our wide ranging data, including: 20 million sold price records, 18 million estate agency listings, 2 million surveyor records and 3 million floor plans

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