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What is it?

  • Tailored solutions – as well as Land Registry, we have worked with organisations of all sizes such as the UK’s leading mortgage lenders and the Homes & Communities Agency to develop bespoke housing market research and analysis
  • We have supplied government departments, national media, property and legal professionals and major mortgage lenders and insurance companies with tailored business intelligence and data solutions

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“With over 24,000 properties in our portfolio and serving more than 45,000 people, we are one of the largest housing providers in London, Essex and the South East. It is vital that the information within our property database is accurate on a number of levels and so we have undertaken this intelligence exercise with Landmark® Analytics, which has a reputation for having one of the UK’s most accurate residential property databases.”

“Our immediate need was to ensure all addresses in our database match the format of Royal Mail’s, however since working with Landmark®, we have been able to analyse a wider range of metrics, such as bedroom count,”. “This is particularly important due to the so-called ‘Bedroom Tax’ as this information needs to be accurate for the benefit of our tenants. All in all, working with Landmark® has saved us a great deal of time and they have been able to provide more intelligence than we were originally expecting at the outset.”

Neil Topping, Business Processes Officer of Family Mosaic

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